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In life, we have so many hours in a day, months in a year, and opportunities that come across our desks and eyes. The reality is if you are not savvy in investing, you may not what’s a good or bad investment. I have spent countless hours building companies for others but not focusing on my own dreams and aspirations. When I created this ground breaking company, She Beverages Inc, the thought of having investors was not in my business plan nor was IPO’s, Filing S1’s. I wanted to help the average hard working person and family create a means to financial freedom. I sold my ideas to Fortune 500 companies and realized I could create my own footprint, delivery my own amazing product portfolio and look my mother in her eyes and say, “Mama We Made It”.

My partner Sonja and I made the largest financial decision of our lives to deplete our life savings, which included our retirement, mattress money and our portfolio of $2.7 million combined and went to work. During this process we branded, had product development, custom formulations, marketing, licensing and trademarking. We were at a crossroads. What do we do now?

I went back and forth with ideas, solutions and possible strategies. Do we Crowd Fund, Kickstart? My first post created a question “Are you seeking investors?” This was created from our partner, Kat Dirden. I had to pause and ask my legal advisor, “Am I seeking investors?”. He replied, “Hell Yeah!” Kat became the first investor, quit her job of over 20 years, and became our COO with the desire to help build this woman owned empire.

The three of us have worked long hours, long days, countless weekends in creating a brand that will become a household name. Through that vision, we created amazing products while still experiencing challenges. We fought to keep our doors open, continued to create and daily we built a base of followers and supporters.

We realized that we had a gold mine in our possession with She Beverages Inc. We worked hard to create a retail presence and WE DID. We secured major retailers such as Walmart, Dodger Stadium, Vons, Albertsons, Safeway, Bev-Mo, Total Wines, Caesars Entertainment (Harrah’s Casino), Los Angeles Sparks (WNBA), and other local retailers. With this type of momentum, we decided to present our public offering. We were blessed to be able to reach a high level of success, file our S1 paperwork with the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) and offer a pre-public raise prior to obtaining our “Ticker Symbol”. Our goals are to offer you an opportunity to be an investor with the ability to deliver a return to your new or current financial portfolio. Our pre-public offering is $5.00 per share, with the anticipation of opening on NASDAQ at $15.00 per share. Our goal is to reach $100.00 per share. We WILL become a household name in the business sector and become the most sought-after stock on the market.

Our Supplement H20 is the purest, cleanest, and non-formulated supplement formula that will deliver better than brands such as Vitamin Water. Our sugar free, calorie free, stimulant free, as well as caffeine free, and radical free has already captured the attention of other beverage company giants who have offered us a multi-million-dollar buyout. We turned these offers down because we saw the value of our formulas as well as the ability to obtain a more lucrative offer or buyout WHEN and IF the time is right.

In closing, there is a vast amount of information and movement to share. My objective is to continue to create, educate, deliver and maintain our amazing product line. We will be able to offer our investors an amazing experience and return on investment (ROI). I appreciate your faith and trust in me as the CEO of this illustrious company and I look forwards to helping you achieve financial freedom.

Best Regards,
Lupe Rose


Lupe Rose, Founder/CEO

Kat Dirden, Chief Operating Officer

Tony Farmer, President

Sonja Shelby, Vice President

David Mcclorren, Chief Marketing Officer

Brandon Shelby, V.P. Sales

Ritzy Mullings, Office Manager

Briana McNeely - Executive Assistant

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