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5 Reasons to invest Pre-IPO By Wall Street Journal

1. Pre-IPO Stocks Are Red Hot

During the dot-com bubble of the 1990s, the biggest gains came after companies went public. These days, far more wealth is being created as private companies raise financing from venture-capital firms, pushing valuations of those companies higher and higher. At least 78 such companies are now worth at least $1 billion apiece, up from 49 a year ago. As a result, investors are clamoring to get in on the action right now.

2. It’s Hard to Buy or Sell

Uber, Snapchat and Airbnb are among the many privately held companies that set tight limits on selling shares. Few companies make it easy for outsiders to buy stock. Many individual investors turn to market makers such as SharesPost and SecondMarket. Well-connected investors sometimes get access to special funds created by firms that get privately held shares directly from companies.

3. Why Would Employees Want to Sell?

Privately held companies generally are waiting longer to go public than they used to, which frustrates some employees who hope to boost the value of their holdings through an initial public offering. Cashing in now helps “reward employees for the work they have done and time they put in,” says Kent Wakeford, chief operating officer at Kabam, a video-gaming company in San Francisco.

4. Buyer Beware

Prices used in transactions can be based on little more than a guess, since private companies keep almost all their financial information secret. Fees can be high because of the runaway demand for pre-IPO shares and effort involved in arranging transactions. Many of the companies are young and unprofitable.

SHE Beverage Company has proven our position, we have current Distribution to War-Mart, Safeway, Albertsons, & Vons Grocery Markets, Bev-Mo, a host of Liqour Stores, Selected Olive Garden Restaurants, Ball Park Stadiums, Las Vegas Casino's, to name a few. SHE Beverage Company also has many committments from other local restaurants, as well as major grocery chains. 

5. Regulators Are Circling the Pre-IPO

While buying and selling private-company stock is permitted under federal and state rules for unregistered securities, the Securities and Exchange Commission has filed a handful of enforcement actions related to pre-IPO trading. One area of concern: investment advisers who say they are raising money to buy pre-IPO shares but don’t actually purchase them.

The reality is, if your not Investment savvy, you may not know how or what to invest in. I must admit when I created this illustrious Company, I never thought about Investors, IPO's, S1's or how to grow the finances of the average working class. My thought process was, because of past experience in creating product and selling my ideas to fortune 500 companies, I would create my own lane, deliver an amazing product and make my mother proud. 

My partner Sonja and I depleted our life savings, what we saved for retirement as well as what we hid under our mattress for a rainy day, $2.7 Million combined, we ran out of money quickly, after branding, product development, formulations, marketing, licensing, ETC, ETC, we looked at each other like "now what"? 

I thought to follow the trend of asking the public for money by creating a Crowd Funding site, and with the first post came the question, "Are you Seeking Investors" by our now partner Kat Dirden. Within minutes my inbox lit up, Kat was the first. Am I seeking investors? I immediately called my legal advisor and asked, Am I Seeking Investors? His reply "Hell Yeah! The rest is history, Kat is now invested not only financially, but she quit her nursing job of over 20 years, retired at 41, and is now working full time for herself with our growing conglomerate. 

Sonja, Kat and I, worked diligently for the last three years in creating an amazing product, through all the challenges we faced, we fought to keep our doors open, create  the staying power and worked diligently on the ability to deliver an amazing product to our growing fan base.

WE DID IT! We hit a home-run, we didn't give up, and now were here offering you an amazing opportunity. With major accounts like Walmart, The Dodger Stadium, Von's, Albertson's & Safeway, Bev-mo, Total Wine, Caesars Entertainment (Harrah's Casino), and a slew of other major supermarkets, and local liquor stores, we are destined to WIN. 

We were fortunate enough to reach a level of success, file our S1, and offer a pre-public raise to obtain our "Ticker Symbol", our goal is to offer you an opportunity to invest with the ability to deliver savvily to your financial portfolio. Our pre-public offering is now $5.00, with the anticipation to open at $15.00 or higher, with the ability to grow to $50-to $100 per share. We WILL become the most sought after stock on the market. Our Supplement H20, is the purest, cleanest, non filler formulated Supplement formula, that will deliver better than Vitamin Water, our sugar free, calorie & stimulant free product (free from caffeine and radicals) has already captured the attention of beverage giants who have offered a buy out in the multi-million dollar range. SHE Beverage Company turned these offers away because we know the value of our formulas, and the ability to obtain a much larger offer, or buy out when or IF the time is right. 

Although there's a vast amount of information to share, with not enough space on the total website to deliver, if there were one thing I would like to disclose in closing, my goal is to continue to create, educate, deliver and maintain an amazing experience with our line up, and offer an amazing experience and ROI to our investors. Thank you for stopping by and allow me to grow your hard earned money.

Best Regards

Lupe Rose


SHE Beverage Company

luperosetheceo@gmail.com (Private Email)



1-877-7-SHE BEV

Invest in our growing beverage conglomerate

WHOOOO WHOOOO SHE is Going Public! 



A pre-IPO placement occurs when a portion of an initial public offering (IPO) is placed with private investors right before the IPO is scheduled to hit the market. Typically, private investors in a pre-IPO placement are large private equity or hedge funds that are willing to buy a large stake in the company.

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